2014 Posts


Following Jesus and Changing My Lifestyle
Understanding God’s Love and Power Eases Anxiety
The Christian Worldview and Personal Change
Discernment: What is Helpful? What is Harmful?
Our Bodies – Fearful Complexity in Service of Wonderful Simplicity
Material vs. Spiritual Wellbeing
Overweight? Lifestyle Disease? Sin is the Problem
5 Reasons I Eat. How About You?
Getting Healthy With the Holy Spirit
Dealing with Temptation 1: Avoidance

Dealing with Temptation 2: Resistance
Dealing with Temptation 3: Afterwards – Prayer and Perseverance
Telling People What to Eat?
Health Discipleship is a Condemnation-Free Zone
Understanding Food and Nutrition, and Choosing Well
So You “Don’t Like Vegetables”
Liking What You Eat vs. Eating What You Like
Confess Your Sins to One Another?  Really?
Keeping Bad Company With the American Culture and Environment
“Mind, Body, Spirit” is too Simple – The Mystery of Humanness
Sin, Grace and Doughnuts
Stewardship of Me

Dealing with Stress
Finding Contentment and Peace in the Stress
Cool Things are Happening in Healthcare
Killing My Critical Spirit
Thoughts on Helping 1: What do People Need?
Thoughts on Helping 2: Who Wants to be Well?
Accountability vs. Encouragement: Do We Have the Right Mix?
Thoughts on Helping 3: Like Helps Like
Dampening the Oscillations

Not a Game
Losing My Identity as “Doctor”
Thoughts on Helping 4: God’s Grace
Awareness Fatigue and the “Master Awareness”
Keeping Diet and Exercise in Proper Perspective
Accept Help
Smart Feet – The Power of Habit
I Don’t Want “Confused” Muscles – Give Me Smart Muscles

Trying to Take God SERIOUSLY
12 Signs the Holy Spirit Might be Working on You
Setting Priorities and Using Time Wisely
Living Appropriately for the Times We’re In… and Enjoying It!
Longing For Simplicity
Finding Time, Having Time or Making Time?
Learning Theology and Knowing Where to Stop
Renewing Family Relationships
“Another Research Study Confirms Christian Worldview”

Understanding Why We’re So Sick
Few are Desperate Enough to be Well
Finding Success in the Journey
Trying to Maintain a Christian Worldview
So Your Family Has Problems…
Finding Meaning in Life, Nowhere or Everywhere?
Everyday Heroism
Get Out of the Road! Change Before the Crisis

Read Books, Not Blogs…
Woe is Me, I Have a Cold
What I do When I’m Sick
Family and Our Need for Belonging
What Do You Think When You See A Rainbow?
Changing Before The Crisis – 3 Practices To Avoid Being “Most People”
Enjoy The Gift of Grace
Arrived Alive!  Now What?
Finding Balance