12 Signs The Holy Spirit Might Be Working On You

  1. TV becomes hard to watch.
  2. You can’t get excited about football.
  3. Work just doesn’t seem that important.
  4. Politics doesn’t seem that important either.
  5. You find yourself saying, “It’s only money,” pretty often.
  6. You don’t seem to get angry much.
  7. It’s hard to argue, and you’re tired of drama.
  8. Social problems bother you, but you have no solutions.
  9. The words “sin” and “brokenness” regularly come up in conversation.
  10. You find yourself praying more, and more seriously.
  11. Evil bothers you – a lot.
  12. You’re trying to take God SERIOUSLY

At least this is my experience. What’s your experience?

How have you changed under the influence of the Holy Spirit?