Renewing Family Relationships

imageMy wife and I are in Worcester (Massachusetts) today for the wedding of our niece. We haven’t spent much time with the family up here over the years, for a variety of reasons. Would I say we’ve been estranged from them? No, not exactly, but there was definitely some distance. We sure haven’t been close. There’ve been “issues,” significant issues.

Like all families, we’ve experienced troubles – in both our immediate and our extended family. And, as happens so often, our troubles (and theirs) have interfered with healthy relationships. But we are reconnecting one step at a time. This summer we reconnected with the southwestern branch of the family in Phoenix. Today it’s the northern branch.

Being here for the wedding feels good. Yes, there may be some drama and tension given the nature of the family problems, but we’ll do our best not to get caught up in it. I’m sure we’ll do fine.  Sharon and I are in a pretty good place at the moment. Emotionally and spiritually we are relatively well – not perfect, but definitely well, and that feels good too. Ten years ago I couldn’t have said that. God has changed (and is changing) us and we are cooperating in the effort. It hasn’t always been easy but it’s been worth it.

No personal problem and no family problem is too big for God. Healing happens when we turn to him. We are just one of many examples of that.  I’m looking forward to our “new and improved” family relationships.

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