“Another Research Study Confirms Christian Worldview”

How come we don’t see that headline more often? That’s what I’m wondering. Here’s a headline that arrived this week in one of my many (too many) daily healthcare email newsletters:

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 7.57.40 PM

The summary pretty much says it all, but you can see the full article here. It seems pretty straightforward to me. People can’t handle temptation; they like to eat sweets and junk food even when they’re not hungry. Why make it more complicated? Then again, why not? – that’s what we do in today’s world.

Noting that “infants” do not over-consume calories (apparently they stop nursing when they’re full), the researcher goes on to speculate that this indulgence in sweets could be a learned behavior, adding that acting to preserve “…this ability to self-regulate energy intake early in life may be the key…” to managing healthy eating later.

I doubt it. Over-consumption is not a new problem. Drunkenness and gluttony are addressed in the Bible. Gout, the original lifestyle disease, has been identified since 2640 BC. Termed the “disease of kings,” gout is associated with overconsumption of rich foods and alcohol. The new problem is that we are all “kings” now, at least as it relates to our lifestyles. Mastery of our environment has let us all indulge as only the wealthiest of ancients could, and we are paying the price.

How hard is it to just admit our problem? To admit we are weak and can’t handle our own appetites? That’s the Christian Worldview, and it’s backed by millennia of human experience and now science too. I thought Elisabeth, the lone commenter, summed my view up pretty well:

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I’m with you Elisabeth!