2015 Posts

Happy 2015! – 3 Principles to Help You with Your New Year’s Resolutions
Ending The Pretending – 7 Health Headlines I’d Like to See in 2015
Could You Have Learned Helplessness?
Pray to God, Row to Shore
Praying – Longer & Shorter
“Dietary Consumerism” – Is Variety Killing You?
Obama’s SOTU and Your Health, Any Similarities?
Time for a Reality Check
Snuggling in a Warm Bed and Other Simple Pleasures 

Getting Needed Care – Just Do It
Finding a Doctor to Trust
Appreciating the Beauty that Surrounds Us
Being “Alone Together” and Sharing Our Burdens

Change Takes Time – Be Patient With Yourself
Of Man or of God? Finding the Edge
Who Do You Blame?
Playing God

Capitalism, the Free Market, and Other Things that are not God
Excited to Die
Revising the Bucket List
Trying to be well? Not Making Progress? Embrace the Suck

Learning to Listen
Mom’s Last Two Years – God at Work
Instant Gratification, Delayed Gratification, or Enjoying the Process
Don’t Make the Other Diver Brake: Thoughts on Imperfection in Healthcare
Is it Me, or is it My Job? Discernment About Work
10 Ways to Feel Good (While Ruining Your Life)
Managing Your Emotions – What Can You Do? What Can God Do for You?
Surrendering for Better Health
New Technology in Healthcare – Allowing Doctors to be More Human, Maybe

The Only Thing I Can Control Is Myself…  Well, Not That Much Actually
Moving From the 5 Stages of Grief to the 5 Stages of Action
Discipleship, the Ultimate Wellness Program
Defiance Blocks, Submission Unlocks God’s Grace
Resisting the Call of Laziness
Saving One Another in the Here and Now
Getting Odd with God
Thinking About Truth, Obesity, Diabetes and Healthcare
On Vacation, “Urban Camping” at Courtyard by Marriott

What is America’s Tomorrow?  What is Your Tomorrow?
7 Tips for Eating Healthy on the Road
What to do When Life Sucks
The Missing Ingredient
Helping Friends When Life Sucks – Empathize, Don’t Minimize
Trusting My Assistant More Than God
Accepting, Setting, and Embracing Limits
Adjusting to Circumstances

The Triple Aim, Nice but Not Nirvana
Training to be Well – Remembering, Repetition, Reminders
Surprise Blessings and Learning from My Knee Injury
Find a Friend, Be a Friend
Appreciating Kindness as God’s Grace
No Kindness at Amazon, Avoiding False Gods at Work
Avoiding Deadly Mistakes

Thoughts on Helping 5: “MTV” – Myself, the Team, the Victim
I’m Feeling… What?
Alternatives to Outrage
Rethinking Health, Wellness, and Wellbeing
No Reason to be Proud, Many Reasons to be Grateful
A Primary Care Therapeutic Alliance? Love in the Doctor-Patient Relationship
Depending on God, Even for the Small Stuff
Knowing That I Don’t Know
Words Matter – “Health Discipleship” becomes “Grace Based Wellness”

2 Powerful Questions – What can I do? What will I do?
Explaining Discipleship Through Grace
No Business Is an Island
Living With Uncertainty
Thinking Matters – Think Grace!
Avoiding Bats and Other Wellness Thoughts
Where to Turn and Where Not to Turn in Times of Stress
How to Think About “Superfoods” and Supplements

Finding Rest in the Work
Do Americans Take Too Many Drugs?  “Food and Pharmacy”
Resisting the Call of Stuff?  Try Waiting a Bit
Wellness in 2 Questions
One More Question
Eating Mindfully This Thanksgiving

Driving the Speed Limit and Other Submissions
Cultivating Equanimity Among the Clamor
Responding to the World
Process Over Outcomes for Personal Wellbeing
Do You Want to be Well?  How About Healthy?
Alive, Learning and Growing