10 Ways to Feel Good (While Ruining Your Life)

  1. Insist on your personal freedom.
    Don’t let anybody or anything tie you down. Refuse to get to close to anyone lest you become emotionally attached. Keep your distance at all costs.
  2. Indulge yourself.
    Life is short; do what feels good at the time. We all die sooner or later; why worry about consequences?
  3. Refuse responsibility for anything bad in your life.
    None of it’s your fault. You can chalk it up to bad luck if you like, but you’ll feel even better if you can identify the culprit(s). So be sure to blame somebody. If you can’t find anyone else to blame, blame God.
  4. Always take 100% credit for your successes.
    You’ve worked so hard. Nobody ever gave you a handout. Be proud of it! If someone says you’ve been fortunate, rest assured that you “make your own luck.” You’re a winner!
  5. Constantly compare yourself favorably to others.
    You’ll feel good when you realize that you’re higher on the ladder of success than most people. And it’s well deserved – because you’re smarter, better looking and more hardworking.
    The folks above you on the ladder are cheats and scoundrels, or were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. On the inside you know you’re better than they are. If life were fair it would show on the outside.
  6. Put God under your thumb.
    Make your plans and live your life, sure in the knowledge that God is on your side and blesses all of your actions. (If you find this too difficult, try an alternative; just deny that God exists and live in whatever way feels best to you. Many people find this easier.)
  7. Make others bow to your will.
    Don’t be afraid to get what you need from family, friends or whoever. You may need to be coercive or manipulative when being demanding stops working. Demonize those that oppose you. Try guilting as a technique with your relatives. It’s very effective and can keep working for a long, long time.
  8. Never admit weakness, even to yourself.
    Cultivate a reputation as an undefeated and undefeatable winner. Never let them see you sweat – ever. You have no weaknesses. You are fearless. Make this a mantra.
  9. Run if you must.
    If or when you have a major problem that cannot be denied, hidden obfuscated in such a way that allows you to come out on top – run for it. Don’t be afraid to change jobs, spouses, cities or countries if you need to   Remember, put yourself first. Facing the music is for losers.
  10. Repeat 1 – 9. Practice makes perfect.
    As the old joke goes, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice.” Same here. You can’t expect to be expert at these techniques without a lot of practice. Just keep at it. The more you apply them the better you’ll get.  Pretty soon they will be second nature.

Seriously, these practices do feel good, in the moment. That’s why we all use, or have used, them from time to time. But they don’t lead to deep fulfillment, and they will ruin your life.

Building a good life requires that we set aside our need to feel good. It’s only by accepting the pain that comes with denying ourselves, submitting to God, and admitting our weakness that we can grow and mature into spiritually and emotionally wellbeing. Paradoxically, in the long run that does feel good.