Discipleship, the Ultimate Wellness Program

IMAG0271Health Discipleship is now one year old. Most of you readers weren’t here at the beginning and you probably haven’t gone back to read all of the older posts. So I thought it would be worth a minute to review the journey. What’s my point? Why am I writing? What have I learned or accomplished over the past 12 months? I’m asking myself the same questions.

My basic thesis is that discipleship is the ultimate wellness program. Most of us can be in better health if we will put our health-related behaviors under the lordship of Jesus. Discipleship is a whole-person activity, but too often we compartmentalize our relationship to God and hold on to some of our bad habits.

This is a theme that, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I have been working out in my mind for several years now, and I’m passionate about trying to help people be well. When a friend suggested I start a blog, it seemed like a good idea for a bunch of reasons, which included:

  1. Working out some of these concepts more fully in writing (without trying to write another book), and hopefully, getting feedback n the concepts from readers,
  2. Assisting others through practical posts that could help them make a change for the better,
  3. Creating a “body of work” about my passion that could help introduce it to and connect me with others of like mind,
  4. Perhaps establishing a basic curriculum for a Christian wellness program, and
  5. Releasing some of my emotional and creative energy in a positive way.

Over the last year I’ve worked hard to be consistent and post twice a week – Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Except for the few months when Mom’s cancer came back, I’ve been able to stick to that schedule, and I’ve enjoyed it. Writing is fun. It’s a good outlet for my energy, and, more importantly, I have developed a deeper understanding of just how much true wellbeing – physical, emotional and spiritual – is based on following Jesus.

I’m not always completely “on message” as they say in politics. I also like to write about organizational change or comment on what’s happening in the healthcare industry where I work. I may even stray into social issues. To me these are related to my main topic, perhaps somewhat loosely, but successfully managing/navigating organizational or industry change is all about emotional and spiritual health.

Am I helping anybody besides myself? The numbers suggest Health Discipleship is in a pretty small “niche,” although I’m amazed that it seems to have almost 1,800 subscribers. (Sometimes I don’t believe that. Tech savvy readers: Do those RSS counters really work?) The site itself doesn’t get that much traffic. My average post gets about 25 to 40 views; however, one, “Excited to Die,” had over 600. I don’t do any SEO, but occasionally someone finds Health Discipleship though a search on “Jesus” together with “health” or “lifestyle.” Maybe they like what they find, maybe they don’t.

Beyond the numbers, several readers have contacted me to discuss a topic I’ve written about and shared their own perspectives and struggles. This has been very rewarding! One nice comment or affirmation goes a long way, and I trust that God will use this blog for his purposes, whether I see results or not.

Today’s post is number 98, which feels like a lot. I think almost 100 posts (and a few pages), taken together, do constitute a “body of work,” albeit perhaps only a moderate size body of work. You probably can get a reasonable grasp of my personality, passion and general thinking on health and wellness here. On the other hand, I haven’t created a wellness curriculum yet, and like-minded individuals must still be out there somewhere.

So we begin Year 2. I plan to keep posting twice a week if I can manage it. Maybe I’ll outline a wellness curriculum this year. An outline is not a big commitment, and once I post it we can see what you think. If you run across any like-minded people, please point them in this direction. I’ve been asking God to connect me with a pastor as passionate about this concept of Health Discipleship as am I. We will see.  More will be revealed this year, I’m sure.

Meanwhile, it’s just you and me. Thank you for your readership, your comments and your prayers. I appreciate you.

May God bless you.



  1. Kathleen Johnson says:

    I found your site when you wrote about your Mom. I am Pastor Johnson’s daughter in law and knew your Mom since the Christian Counseling Center opened. I have been encouraged and nudged to make some life changes by reading your messages. I consider having found this blog another gift from Carrie! Please continue! We will keep you in our prayers!

    • Peter Weiss says:

      Thank you Kathleen. I’m happy to hear that you have found the messages valuable. I appreciate your encouragement and your prayers.

  2. Rich Machnic says:

    Congratulations on one year completed!

    I’ve been a little busy lately to read everything, but have certainly benefitted and enjoyed what I have read so far. Keep up the great work!