What is America’s Tomorrow? What is Your Tomorrow?

Probably had a healthy lifestyle!

Probably had a healthy lifestyle!

Happy Independence Day! Today we celebrate America’s birthday. It’s a time to be happy and grateful for the nation in which we live. But perhaps it should also be a time where we take stock of our habits and our future. Are we, through our actions today, creating the country that we’d like to have tomorrow? Many would answer, “yes.” Others would strongly disagree, and some are uncertain.

No one can predict our exact future, but there are many reasons to be concerned. America has serious social, economic and political problems and seems incapable of adequately responding to them. Our political leaders ignore the fundamentals while appealing to voters’ sense of victimization. Hillary Clinton is suggesting that we need automatic voting registration to combat disenfranchisement. Now, honestly, can you think of a single major problem facing our nation for which more voters is the solution? Me neither.

In this regard Hillary is not the only politician, and we’re not the only country. Do you know what’s happening in Greece? Or Puerto Rico? It’s not pretty. Collectively the people in Greece have been living for today at the expense of tomorrow, and now tomorrow is arriving. It’s not clear how Greece will come through this political and economic crisis, but it is clear that there will be great suffering. There has been and is already great suffering and much more to come.

Other countries watch, some with sympathy and some without. Regardless, none seem to be rushing to the rescue of Greece. The “endgame” has arrived and Greece loses. Are we learning any lessons? Can we learn any lessons? Can we change before we reach the endgame of our own social, economic and political problems? Unfortunately, to me at least, human nature and the nature of democracy suggest not.

You and I have a small role to play in creating America’s tomorrow. Let’s do what we can to help our country face the hard truths it’s avoiding. Meanwhile, think about your personal tomorrow, and consider that you share the same sinful nature as the rest of the populace. Are you facing the hard truths in your own life? Are you learning any lessons from observing your friends and neighbors?

With respect to your health, are you living a “sustainable” lifestyle? Do you have habits that are likely to result in a personal endgame of sickness debility and untimely death? Most individual Americans live for pleasure and comfort today at the expense of their health and wellbeing tomorrow. Like Greece, they may eventually arrive at a place of suffering where even advanced healthcare is too little too late.

The frustrating thing is that it’s actually not that hard to be well. People are doing it.  Likewise, it’s not impossible for nations to balance their budgets.   What it takes is will. “Where there’s a will there’s a way,” is true.  And where there seems to be no way, it’s often because there is no will. People can be well. You can be well, if you only have the will.

Take the first step and ask God to grant you the will to create a healthy tomorrow.


P.S. – On vacation this week in Savannah, we walked through the famous Bonaventure Cemetery, which is, of course, filled with monuments to the dead. It’s a very beautiful and picturesque place and I’ve posted a few photos below. All of us should remember that our ultimate tomorrow is not this life on this earth, and, no matter how healthy our lifestyles, we will all die.

However, Jesus has overcome death. Jesus has overcome sin and “human nature.” He reconciles his people with God the Father. Following Jesus, through the guidance of the indwelling Holy Spirit, is the ultimate wellness program both in this life and the life to come.  Assure yourself of winning your final endgame; accept Jesus who is your best tomorrow and best today!

This is another lesson freely available to all, but which many ignore, deny or fight against. Once that was me. Don’t let it be you. Let me know if I can help.