Wellness in 2 Questions

How Should I Live?    Is It Good for Me?

Do you want to be well? Having trouble getting started? You might start by asking yourself these two powerful questions: “How should I live?” and “Is it good for me?”   I’ve gone a long way on these two.

As you begin, some answers will come easily, for example “No, drinking a six-pack a day is not good for me.” or “Yes, talking through my feelings is good for me.” Others may be very difficult, for example “What? How do I even start to figure out how I should live?” Just stick with it, eventually you’ll make progress.

You might also ask your trusted friends and family to help you with these questions. Make sure to ask those who appear to be well themselves. It’s always nice to have help. Caring, knowledgeable and supportive friends have helped me tremendously as I have worked to become more healthy and well in mind, body and spirit.

The most important person to ask is God. He has plans for you. If you’re following Jesus, he has given you the indwelling Holy Spirit as a guide and helper, and he’s changing you from the inside out. Sanctification is the ultimate wellness program. God does not fail, but your cooperation is expected and discipleship is our part of the program. In prayer and scripture study, ask God the questions and respond as he reveals answers.

Slow progress is the rule. Backsliding too. Changing habits is hard. None of us are really very good disciples by Jesus’ standards. Don’t worry. Just keep asking the questions, listening for answers, responding as best you can, and trusting in God’s grace and power. He will bring his good work in you to completion in his own time. You just need to hang in there.

In this life, sanctification is a process not a destination. Yes you’ll get more well (“weller”?) but you should be prepared never to “arrive.” Apparently God brings us along a little at a time. Maybe that’s all we can handle, maybe we are resisting, maybe both. At least that’s been my experience. God is revealing many new (and sometimes uncomfortable) truths about my lifestyle and his holiness to me as time goes on.

Each passing year, I seem to be thinking deeper about life and how to honor God with my thoughts and actions. Everything now seems more and more connected to my spiritual life. Some things, which I used to consider okay, I now realize are not good for me. Other matters, previously of little consequence, have become very important.

From time to time, I get worried that “I’m doing it wrong” and “God expects better of me.” That’s probably normal, but it certainly isn’t helpful. Actually, God probably just expects me to be me. And I remind myself that although I’m “following” Jesus, there is no catching up to him. No human is capable “doing it right.” Progress, not perfection.

The good news is that Jesus is perfect, and through his work, God himself has justified us. So do the best you can. Don’t worry, be happy, love Jesus.


And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. Philippians 1:6