Enjoying the Moments

Things come and things go. Easy to say, hard to accept. How often we try to hang on to a pleasant situation or feeling as it naturally comes to an end. Or perhaps we try to go back in time. Have you tried and failed to recreate or recapture the happiness associated with a past event? I have. It doesn’t work.

So I’m trying to learn to enjoy today for what it brings, even knowing that it too shall pass. This came to mind on my commute earlier in the week when I was struck by the view of pink and yellow trumpet trees in bloom on the last turn out of my neighborhood. Normally it’s a pretty pedestrian view, nothing special. Right now however, it’s spectacular! The bright flowers will bring joy to my drive time only for a few weeks, but what a few weeks!


Another great flower is the orange blossom, many of which are blooming in my backyard. They’re small, but they punch above their weight in fragrance. Our yard smells great, almost intoxicating! Come on over and enjoy it with us if you’re in town. But come quickly because soon these too will be gone for another year.


The flowers come and the flowers go. It’s nice to think that they’ll be back next year, and hopefully better, as the trees will have grown bigger. But there are no guarantees. Trees can be injured or killed by disease, drought or lightning. Or I could move away, or be ill, or worse. Next year may never come.

Of course many things aren’t cyclical and a yearly return cannot be anticipated. Your child will only be six, or twenty-six, once. Enjoy every age. The same goes for yourself and your spouse. Nothing stays the same. Change happens. Now is a special time, but so is the future.

Sharon and I notice our town changing every day. Real estate prices are up and developers are back in business. More roads, homes, eateries, and shops are on the way. There is no stopping it. I’m sure the area will still be nice next year, but it will be a different nice than now. I plan to enjoy them both.

It’s the same with the trees – they’re still very enjoyable when they’re not in flower. They bring shade, attract birds and squirrels, and are attractive with only leaves. Oranges will be a bonus next fall, but really there is something to appreciate, and enjoy about the trees in every moment.

Just like life.


  1. Enjoy your posts, always beautiful, uplifting. Be well. Wishing you many, many happy moments along your path.