Being “a little out there”

out there adj.
1. crazy; mentally deranged; scatter-brained, loony.
2. so extremely individualistic so as to appear mentally unstable.
3. Not conforming to mores, accepted norms, or standards.
(from the Urban Dictionary)

I enjoy thinking about things, and I get a lot of ideas. Not all of them are necessarily good ideas, but being a verbal processor, I like to talk about them with other people. That gets me in trouble sometimes, and I can be seen as an unrealistic person or one lacking sound judgment. I doubt that I’ll be changing my personality that much at this late date in life, but perhaps I should choose my conversation partners more carefully.

Recently I’ve had two new exciting (but unrelated) ideas, one is to develop a new blog site for stories from physicians. I’m going to pursue that one and I’ll write about it more as my plans progress. The other is that I might like to own my own business, specifically an RV park. Naturally (for me) the first thing I did was to talk about it and ask my friends and family what they knew about the topic. Mostly nothing it turns out, except for one woman at work.

I talked with her briefly about it one day and she shared a few ideas and mentioned that she was interested in “tiny houses” about which I’m sure you’ve heard seen on TV. Later she sent me some tiny house links including one RV park that’s intending to become a tiny house community. Very cool.

A week later, after a conference call, she and I had a few free minutes and I brought up the subject again. We began to have quite a lively conversation about minimalist lifestyles, tiny houses, RV parks, owning our own business and the like. At one point, perhaps sensing she might be over sharing, she mentioned that some of her friends and family think she is “a little out there” and that her ideas are a little crazy. Maybe, maybe not, and I assured her that I knew where she was coming from.

The thing is, it’s okay to be a little out there.   Who decides what’s crazy? It’s important for me to follow Jesus and conform my actions to God’s principles, but that still leaves a lot of latitude for individual thoughts and dreams. So, I’m giving myself permission to think differently and not to be too concerned about what other people think. How about you?


  1. Monica jones says:

    Love it Pete! RV parks for tiny houses!