Beach Attitude

The week before last, Sharon and I headed to St. Pete Beach for a few days of rest and relaxation. I wanted to go there to “decompress” a little bit and the beach is certainly good for that. We headed to the gulf side of the state which brings back childhood memories for me. In fact we stayed at the same hotel at which my family used to vacation when I was a boy.

The trip went well. We accomplished our basic agenda – enjoy the beach, see a few sights, sleep a lot, eat well and just hang out together – and we had a good time. The beach is a special place, a place where I find it easy to appreciate the beauty of nature and to slow down. So it was good, as expected.

One thing I did find surprising was my comfort level with the crowd. The hotel was full, and it seems the beach is always crowded. We had a ground level beachfront suite with a small patio. Just beyond our patio was a common grassy area with chairs and tables, and the beach bar was 30 yards off to the left.   So there were people, coming and going past our place all day long.

I really like sitting on the patio, and I wasn’t too sure about having an audience, but it was fine. The younger kids played in the grassy area. They were fun to watch.  Everyone who passed by smiled and nodded or said hello. I wasn’t the only one on the porch in pajamas.  No one was worried about how they were dressed (or undressed). No one, including me, seemed too concerned about privacy, and everyone was friendly.

Same thing down at the beach. Masses of people – of all shapes, sizes and colors – enjoying the sun and the water while in close proximity to each other.  Clothing options varied from extreme sun protection to almost nothing.   Everyone was getting along, even when the football or Frisbee went astray or a little sand got kicked up into the wind.

One afternoon I stopped at the bar for a pina colada (just one) and found the patrons also to be a happy bunch. That’s not too surprising I guess, but overall I was struck by my sense of relaxation and enjoyment despite the relatively crowded resort. Why was that?

My theory is that, at the beach, everyone had the same agenda – just relax. I didn’t hear anyone talking about Trump, Comey, North Korea, or Russia. Nobody was rehashing office politics. The only guy selling anything was the bartender. We were pretty much a collection of strangers, so perhaps no one felt a need to impress anyone else. No one has any “status.”  It seemed understood that, here at the beach anyway, you’re just another human being and “what happens at the beach stays at the beach.”   It was very nice.

How can I keep this beach attitude going now that I’m back in “real life?”


PS – The trip inspired me to change the colors on this blog.  Green was peaceful, but I think these “beachy” colors are more cheerful.  I hope you enjoy them.

PPS – Recommendations if you go:
Alden Suites Beachfront Resort
Ted Peters Famous Smoked Fish
Sunken Gardens
Salvador Dali Museum


  1. Pete,
    So glad you visited the Gulf Coast & from you Blog you had and have a Blessed Beachitude!!!