Hurricanes & Freezes – Things Will Go Wrong

The weather is beautiful today.  Partly cloudy, low 70s, light breeze.  Ahh, winter in Florida is great!

And it is great – except for the usual few cold days in December or January, it’s a wonderful time of year down here.  Unfortunately for some of my more tropical plants, a few unusually cold days (or even one very cold day) can spell disaster. Disaster happened this year with temperatures dropping to about 25°F overnight. You can see the results.








This isn’t the worst of it.  The bananas and heliconias were killed outright and I’ve already cut them down.  I’m still hoping these guys will live.

It’s frustrating, especially so since many of these same plants made it through hurricane Irma only five months ago with only minor damage.  Oh well.  Nothing to do now but wait and see what happens in the next month.  That’s what happens when you cultivate tropical plants on the north side of Orlando.  I guess I could stop growing tender tropicals, but most years they do fine and I really enjoy them.  And even hardy plants may be killed by storms, fire or disease.  Complete avoidance of garden “disasters” would mean no garden.

Life and health are like that too.  You can do everything “right” and stuff happens regardless.  Even if your life’s climate is good, the chance for hurricanes and freezes is 100%.  Do the best you can.  Trust God.  Plant the tropicals.  Enjoy your life.


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