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From time to time over the course of my business career in healthcare I’ve created illustrations or outlined my thoughts on various issues in documents to be used in the situations I was facing at the time.  I thought that others might like them and have decided to post some of them here.  I’ll describe the intent or purpose of the document and link to it in downloadable PDF version.  If you like one, please use it as you see fit and credit the source.





People talk a lot about accountability – especially when things aren’t going well.  “We’ve got to have accountability!”  “We’re going to hardwire accountability from now on.”  At a basic level this usually means that there must be consequences for performance.  Ideally these would include both positive consequences for good performance and negative consequences for poor performance, but sometimes people just mean the latter.  Consequences matter, but how should we actually manage accountably?  How  is accountability manifested in daily action?  What does accountability look like?  Here are my thoughts expressed as an imagined leadership commendation:
What Does Accountability Look Like?

Principles of Leadership & Management
Perhaps like you, I’ve read many books on leadership and management looking for the “secret” to leadership. After a while it gets old.  Seems like there is always a new leadership bestseller, but is there anything really new to be learned from it?  Maybe, maybe not. At some point, each leader has to think through the subject for him- or herself.  When I did, this is what I came up with and use with my teams:
Principles of Leadership & Management

Being Easy to Work With
It’s not much fun working with “difficult” people.  But how can you be sure that you’re not the difficult one?  Beyond “not difficult,” what attitudes and characteristics make it easy to work with other people?  As a leader, I’ve always wanted to be “easy to work with” and the same goes for my teams.  In team development sessions, we’ve come up with the attached list to guide to our attitudes and actions as we work with others – internally or externally.  I’ve found it to be a useful reality check on ourselves, especially when frustrated with interpersonal or inter organizational issues.
Being Easy to Work With

Culture and Teamwork
Results are important, but just how your organization produces results is also important.  Ends do not justify means.  People do not exist to be exploited.  How do we recognize our common humanity in the workplace and create a culture where individuals can flourish, all while producing the needed results?  It’s hard.  People write books about it.  I think that, first, it’s critical to know what you want and to be able to articulate it or “paint the picture” for the staff.  This document is one I have used to describe and then to create such a culture.
Our Team

The Leadership Challenge in Healthcare Today
Today’s market environment is extremely challenging in healthcare.  Obamacare, Trumpcare, price transparency, consumerism, disruptive innovation, lack of affordability, personalized medicine – it all adds up to an industry-shaking earthquake.  Many would say, “It’s about time” and “They’ve had it coming.”   Perhaps so, but someone has to navigate through it, keeping a focus on the patient as well as the bottom line.  It’s not going to be easy.  Above the tactical – how are our healthcare leaders prepared to face these challenges?  These are some issues I’ve been thinking about.  
Framing the Healthcare Leadership Challenge