October 2015 – I began this blog under the name “Health Discipleship”  and have now changed it to “Grace Based Wellness.” Below is my initial introductory material, followed by an update on the reasons for the name change:

Health Discipleship – May 2014
What do I mean by “health discipleship?” Simply stated, health discipleship is bringing your personal health and health related behaviors under the lordship of Jesus.

As Christians we are to follow, or become disciples of, Jesus – making him the center of our lives. Discipleship or “following,” as implied by the word itself, is an active process of submission, study, prayer, reflection and other activities. Gradually we mature as Christians, gaining the fruit of the Holy Spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. (Galatians 5:22-23)

Unfortunately, too often we compartmentalize our discipleship. We segregate certain areas of our lives from the lordship of Jesus. Following Jesus is for Sundays with the family but not for Mondays on the job. Or for parenting but not for managing our money. You get the picture.

In today’s society, health is a big problem for Christians and non-Christians alike, and most of our health problems come from how we live. Why are we living in ways that harm us? How can we get better? The purpose of this blog is to explore those issues in the context of following Jesus. Let’s let Jesus be Lord of our health and our lifestyles. That’s health discipleship

There are multiple activities and aspects to discipleship. I do not consider myself a “discipleship expert,” jut a person trying to follow Jesus, but here are some things that come to mind when I consider the process: Confession, Repentance, Study, Prayer, Reflection, Relationships, Discussion, Accountability, Encouragement, Discernment, Feedback, New Thinking, Putting on New Behaviors, Casting Off Old Behaviors, Persistence, and Faith. Perhaps you can identify more.

How do we apply these activities to modifying our lifestyles? What we eat and drink? How we manage our emotions? How we care for ourselves? That’s what I hope to explore here at “Health Discipleship.”

Becoming Grace Based Wellness – October 2015
Without renouncing anything I wrote above, over the last two years I have become more aware of God as the prime mover our (including my own) beneficial change process.  Sure we must make an effort, but our efforts are in cooperation with his grace and power.  I’ve also become more aware of our (including my own) tendency towards judgment and legalism for those with problems.  I think my posts have been sensible and accurate so far, you be the judge. And I will keep advising and exhorting those who wish to be well, but I hope to shift the focus a bit and incorporate the grace of God in the process.

These three posts might shed more light on the shift:
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