Christians should stick together.  To grow in Jesus we’ve got to be connected and helping each other, and communication is vital to this process.  We learn and grow mostly through communication with others.

Sometimes it’s simple one-way communication; you listen to a sermon but don’t get to ask questions.  Two-way communication, a dialog with your pastor, is likely to be better that just hearing a sermon.  Better yet might be a discussion group with multiple participants.  That’s what I’d like to have on this blog.

As you know, I don’t know everything and my word is not final.  Your voice will be of value in helping me and the readers of Grace Based Wellness as we grow in Jesus.  In my own reading of blogs and online newspapers I often find that the comments are as valuable, or even more valuable, than the article itself.

Please join in the conversation.  All thoughts are welcome including outright disagreement or criticism.  However, I ask that you please express your thoughts in as kind and gentle a manner as you are able.  That way everyone will appreciate your thoughts and your tone.  (Disclaimer – I am still working on this ability myself.)