More Health, Less Care


MHLC-COVER 2More Health, Less Care outlines a practical philosophy of personal health and enables readers to develop and act on an individual plan for healthy living. Through the metaphor of “be your own doctor,” it explains fundamental principles of change that can be applied for a lifetime instead of the latest fad diet or exercise program. The easily understood stories and disarming, open style invite readers to accept the message and inspire them to make meaningful changes.  Other health books typically provide formulas for healthy living in a “one size fits all” approach, ignoring individual variation and the great difficulty of actually implementing major lifestyle changes. By engaging the reader farther upstream in the change process, More Health, Less Care complements other health and wellness works.


Why you might see two versions of More Health, Less Care on Amazon:  

The book was originally published by LaChance Publishing out of New York with a green cover.  LaChance went out of business and consequently that version of More Health, Less Care went out of print.  The publishing rights returned to me and I have self published and printed the book through CreateSpace now with a red cover.  The text and illustrations are unchanged.

Old printing

The old printing.

New printing. Get this one!

The new printing.  Get this one!