My Story

The short story:

I’m just a guy trying to follow Jesus and live an integrated life.

The longer story:

My parents raised me in the church, but I was “too smart” and too scientifically minded to believe much. I walked away from God in college and did fine for a while. Soon, I was through medical school and residency training, married with two young children and entering into the private practice of medicine. Although doing well professionally, my family life suffered slowly until we had a family crisis.

Fortunately, God intervened and, like the prodigal son, I came to my senses. Seeking salvation, I headed back to church where I found Jesus and a small group of men who helped me through the difficult changes I needed to make. Over some years I developed into a happier and healthier person.

Professionally, by this time I had become medical director at a local health plan where I became more focused on “lifestyle” illnesses. It was becoming clear to me that traditional healthcare wasn’t resulting in improved health or wellness for most people. It was disillusioning to say the least.

I recognized that, for those with lifestyle problems, personal change is usually much more important than more healthcare. After additional study of health, wellness and personal change, and drawing from my own experience, I wrote More Health, Less Care, and began to promote wellness over healthcare.

It didn’t go so well as I’d hoped, but God intervened again. One evening, while in prayer about my future, God responded and told me to talk about Jesus in connection with health and wellness. He also promptly provided me with employment in a couple of Christian companies where I continued to grow in understanding of the relationship between following Jesus and being well. This blog is my attempt to share that with you.

The really long story:

You’ll have to wait until we meet in person for that.