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Love FightWhy can’t successful people stay married?

It seems that everywhere you look you see high-achieving individuals, politicians, sports stars, and businessmen and women, divorcing – sometimes after many years together. Frequently it’s a repeated pattern. The Love Fight explains that this seeming discord – worldly successful individuals failing at home in their intimate relationships – often results from a mismatch of priorities and styles between success-oriented “Achievers” and their relationship-oriented “Connector” spouses.

The Love Fight shows Achievers how the very same traits that help propel them to the top in the business of life may bring their family life crashing down. Using true-to-life examples, it clearly outlines the perils posed by being achievement or power oriented in your intimate relationships.

Eschewing the blame game, the authors stress that usually both partners have had a role in arriving at a marital crossroads. It’s not just one person’s fault. Their good news is that relationships do get better. Marriages do heal. When couples are willing to work through their issues dramatic improvement and healing are possible.

In The Love Fight you’ll:

  • Discover the common personality traits behind the succeed at work/fail at home pattern,
  • Understand why your current behavior in relationships may have been shaped by your childhood,
  • Find simple assessments and exercises to help you evaluate and improve your marriage,
  • See how counseling works to help couples heal relationships, or heal separately when relationships do fail.

We all know least one person who could benefit from The Love Fight. It might be your friend, or it might be you!

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